talis_kimberley (talis_kimberley) wrote,

One busy weekend...

So that was: write the lyric, post the lyric. Find the tune, record the rough, post the rough. Wake up the next morning to find the Youtube as a gift from a dear friend, post that... and scoot off to achieve first airplay on BBC Radio Wilts. Well, THAT was fun! 'The Steps of St Paul's' has clearly gone a long way and been read, seen and heard by very many people. I'm tremendously grateful to all of you who've helped link, share and forward it. Thank you!

It's all quietened down a bit now, for me - though I'm still sending off links to places, and you're all cordially invited to do the same. The vicar of St Johns at Bethnal Green was on Radio 4 this morning suggesting, iirc, that St Paul's open itself up and run a huge night kitchen and shelter and let the protesters inside as it gets colder. I cheered at that. Maybe I'll send it to him?

I let the songs go where they will and never know who will get in touch with me as a result; now I crack on with the next set of jobs, musically, which right now means organising logistics for this year's remaining gigs and firming up the bookings for next year, and more pitches to folk festivals and clubs, literary festivals, and moots...

Oh, and yesterday we finished recording the last material for 'Queen of Spindles' - we're into the mastering stages now. VERY glad about that. Which begs the question, what to work on in my regular Tuesday session tonight?

Well, that's going to be 'start the next album'  then, isn't it?
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