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Song: The High Street

It's a rare (for me) parody, this - well, a re-write, I suppose, since it's not really meant to be funny...  I originally reworked Flanders & Swann's 'The Slow Train' three years ago, and only performed it once or twice. Well, the recession didn't go away, we aren't out of the woods, and more high street chains are going to the wall. Hands up if any of this surprises you. No? Good. You've been paying attention...

Events of the last week or two have caused me to rework my own reworking somewhat - when life hands me a straight line like the very last name in the song, I have to take it and run with it.

I hope this captures some of the affection and pathos of F&S's original. It's meant with all respect and homage to them.

* * *

THE HIGH STREET        (ttto Flanders & Swann: The Slow Train)

Barretts and Priceless to The Works

Passion for Perfume to Waterford, Wedgewood

Olan Mills; Land of Leather

No more will we browse past jigsaw puzzles and Sticklebricks

On  the High Street, at Woolworths for a quarter of “Pick’n’mix”

No vinyl records, no Ladybird clothes

No gift soaps in lavender, lilac or rose

We won’t be buying again

On the High Street

I’ll travel no more from Whittards of Chelsea to MFI, at

Adams Kids there’ll be no cute dungarees for an aunt to buy

No flat packed wardrobe, no caramel tea

No cafetiere and no lost allen key

We won’t be meeting again

On the High Street

When the rent’s due and the takings plummet

‘Sale’ signs appear

At Zavvi and the Officers’ Club

They came too late that year

Though shoppers shop at Ebay and Amazon

Only discount or second hand prices entice sales from anyone

Nothing is certain, no-one’s secure

And Woolies... is not even there anymore

They’ve all passed out of our lives

On the High Street

On the High Street.

Millets, Blacks, Hawkin’s Bazaar – on the High Street

Peacocks and Bon Marche have gone away...

Thorntons Chocolates – on the High Street

Past Times...

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