talis_kimberley (talis_kimberley) wrote,

Song: Equal


In the dear old Church of England

I’m welcome to attend

I could help out with the cleaning

There are cassocks I could mend

I could make and serve the coffee

And all the while pretend

That this meant that I was equal after all...

As a candidate for Parliament

I’m welcome to apply

If I look well-groomed, wear decent shoes

And catch the camera’s eye

As the minister for motherhood

I would give strength to the lie

That said that I was equal after all...

On the radio each morning

I’m welcome to tune in

To the news and sport and commentary

With which the day begins

But in a gender-counting tally

‘S funny, women never win

So tell me that I’m equal after all...

Never mind, let’s watch this drama

Or a film if you prefer

Is the Bechdel Test so difficult?

Didn’t she say that to her?

Go on, tell me just one more time

‘Things are better than they were’;

And aren’t I nearly equal -

Why go on about this ‘equal’ –

You don’t hear men ask to be equal, after all!

Well, don’t you tell me that I’m equal

When I know this isn’t equal

Which means you’re not equal either, after all.


Words by & © Talis Kimberley 20th November 2012

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