talis_kimberley (talis_kimberley) wrote,

"...And Next Week, we Hear From the Ladies" FREE album on Bandcamp.com

I can now announce that my mad plan for International Womens' Day has come to fruition.

Behold, eight tracks (seven songs and a spoken word piece), six of which were scratch-tracked in my kitchen last night. I only even thought of doing this on Tuesday at Bradford on Avon Folk Club, when Rosie announced she was singing for the Lord Mayor of
Bristol on Friday... :-)

Here you'll find Cecilia, Jane, Elsie, Juliet, Penelope and others, all in scratchtrack form but none the worse for their hasty journey into the world of Bandcamp.

So, here you go. Free or name your price. Listen, link, share and enjoy as you will.

Two honourable mentions here: Mark, who cleaned up the audio at no notice at all, and Shawna, who bought it before I'd even announced it was out! Thank you, Mark, and thank you, Shawna!


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