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Assorted adventures...

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Usual apologies for long time without posting here - I use Facebook extensively and Twitter an increasing amount, and poor old Livejournal falls by the wayside a little! However, here I am now, and this Summer's adventures included a wonderful nearly-week at Druidcamp, where we premiered 'God of Lost Things' and 'This Side of the Knife' (complete with festival ending - thank you, Adam!) and generally had a wonderful time. So rock'n'roll I went to the bar afterwards for a mug of tea AND a mug of hot chocolate with Baileys in.

We went to Worldcon, the World Science Fiction convention, which this year was in London; I'd never been to anything that huge since Glastonbury, but I enjoyed all the things I attended and took part in. My set was a little unusual as Chantelle was elseswhere, and I had corralled fiddler-extraordinaire Amy McNally to play in with me, and Simon was there with his bassoon and bass as well, so much fun was had. I have the setlist here: we played

Corn Jenny
Eleanor Roosevelt's Knitting
Siar N Daingean (a Jack Hardy song, and a rare cover from me)
My Beautiful Carrier Bag
All the Birds Are Gone
Catching Asteroids
Belling the Cat
Paper Worlds (lots of folk seem to love this song, it's been nominated for an award recently)
Still Catch the Tide (as performed the previous day by Seanan with her backing band... she made me cry!)
This Side of the Knife

Believe me, that's not how the setlist started! (When is it ever?)

I'm currently shaping up the next round of gigs, and looking to pop up at folk clubs here and there besides some very diverse, exciting and challenging gigs in other places. I'm writing steadily and running to keep up with the arranging side... and then there's Green Party / politics in the mix as well. If you've heard much of my music over the last few years that will be no surprise to you.

Anyway - the website's still at www.talis.net , I'm there on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp (and a tiny bit on Soundcloud). All the things. Well, as many as I can juggle at the moment.

Want me to come and sing in your neck of the woods? Make something happen! I'm taking bookings for all of next year. :-)

Thank you for your support and company!

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On August 29th, 2014 02:38 pm (UTC), occams_pyramid commented:
I just had a look at the website - the facebook link has died again "OAuthException: Error validating access token: Session has expired". And the gigs page says "Check back soon for information on Talis's 2012 gigs!"
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On August 29th, 2014 09:57 pm (UTC), gorgeousgary commented:
Great seeing you at Loncon!
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