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Saturday's setlist...

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I used to be very good at posting the setlist and a bit of a writeup here on LJ after gigs. Hey ho! Here's what we sang on Saturday at Chichester:

Corn Jenny (and John Barleycorn)
Appleby Fair
Spoon (almost all the spoons-for-adoption I took to the gig were adopted!)
Queen of Spindles
My Beautiful Carrier Bag
Away (with bonus Natalie Bennett opening)
Dragonfly (for Teresa)
Polly (world premier; and there was a lovely actual Polly there, too!)
Eleanor Roosevelt's Knitting
Tattercoats (because I keep *nearly* putting it in setlists. Had intended 'Brave Boys', switched on a whim)
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The Wild Yeast (still nicking Tim Griffin's tune...)
Belling the Cat
David Attenborough Says
All the Birds
The I'm Alright Union Jack (gig had over-run a little so we were into finishing time and I really wanted a bit of a rant, which this song certainly is)
Wolf at Your Door

It was a GREAT deal of fun. I am a big fan of afternoon gigs and tea and cake generally, and intend to promote more events of this sort of  shape... Huge thanks to all who came, helped, organised, listened, baked, and sang!
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On March 3rd, 2015 11:41 am (UTC), notalwaysweak commented:
Spoons for adoption is a wonderful idea.

I've seen wearable spoons locally but they're all old souvenir spoons twisted artfully and then overpriced at 'quirky' shops.
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